Greene County Emergency Management urges committees to cancel Wednesday night meetings

GREENE CO. – Emergency Management Director Roger Axe is urging Wednesday night activities to be canceled.

“This Wednesday Night’s Activities are not worth the risk,” said Roger Axe, Director of Greene County Emergency Management Agency. “We could be getting ice starting Wednesday afternoon and that could be extremely dangerous.”

It takes only a quarter of an inch of ice to be dangerous. Ice on the road causes vehicles to lose traction. Loss of traction means loss of control.

“I rather have a foot of snow than a quarter of an inch of ice. We are asking organizations with scheduled
Wednesday night activates to cancel them,” Axe added. “Don’t put your people at risk being on the road. Put it another way, is Wednesday Night’s meeting worth getting someone injured or worse killed or putting emergency responders at risk when they could be handling other calls. Keep you people safe cancel Wednesday night activity.”