8th-grade sisters receive WOJ Youth Reporter Award

BLOOMINGTON – Twin sisters Aurelia Martoglio and Jasmine Martoglio, eighth-graders at Batchelor Middle School, are the winners of the WOJ Youth Reporter Award for the middle school documentary category in the MY HERO International Film Festival.

Jasmine Martoglio
Aurelia Martoglio

In addition, their video “Thank a Hero – Maurice Hilleman” earned the Outstanding Middle School project in the prestigious Lowell Milken Center Discovery Awards.

Click here to view their winning video “Thank a Hero – Maurice Hilleman“.

The WOJ Youth Reporter Award is presented by Tract in honor of its co-founder Esther Wojcicki, an outstanding media arts educator, author, and reporter.

The mission of The MY HERO Project is to use media, art, and technology to celebrate the best of humanity. MY HERO will not publish work that promotes hatred, violence, racism, or sexism.