Toll Road Post Troopers receive recognition at an awards ceremony

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Police held awards and recognition ceremony in Indianapolis this past Friday, November 12, 2021.  The ceremony publicly recognized the achievements and accomplishments that all too often go without proper recognition.  Officers were recognized for their dedication, service, bravery, devotion to the department and the citizens of Indiana.  Two troopers from the Toll Road Post were honored for their efforts in serving the citizens of Indiana.

2021-11-15 Beers
Trooper Benjamin Beers

The 2020 Trooper of the District Award for the Toll Road Post was presented to Trooper Benjamin Beers.  This award is given annually to a trooper at each district that personifies integrity, professionalism, and a well-rounded work ethic.  Beers were selected by his command staff for his dedication, traffic and criminal enforcement, community involvement, and other services performed for the department beyond normal expectations.  During 2020 Beers made 425 arrests and 110 DUI arrests. Beers also received the District DUI Award and DUI Life Award for being the Indiana State Police #2 DUI enforcer for 2020.  Beers is a 4- year veteran of the Indiana State Police and patrols the Indiana Toll Road in Lake and Porter County.

2021-11-15 Alvarez
Trooper Luis Alvarez

Trooper Luis Alvarez received a Lifesaving Award for actions taken on September 29, 2020.  Trooper Alvarez was assisting a vehicle that had become disabled along the Indiana Toll Road in Porter County.  While waiting with this vehicle for a tow truck to arrive, a female passenger accidentally shot herself while placing a handgun into her purse.  The bullet traveled through both her upper legs causing heavy bleeding.  Alvarez used two CAT tourniquets to slow the flow of blood until an ambulance arrived.  Investigation revealed that the female was placing the handgun in her purse for the driver when it was accidentally discharged. The driver did have a valid permit.  Alvarez is a 3-year veteran of the Indiana State Police and patrols the Indiana Toll Road in St. Joseph, Elkhart, and LaGrange County.