LCIS shares e-learning survey results


FAYETTEVILLE – The Lawrence County Independent Schoolboard held their monthly meeting Thursday night at the old Fayetteville school and received an update on the progress of e-learning for students and families.

Principal Joanne Symcox said that the fact that students are able to connect with their teachers during e-learning days is phenomenal.

LCIS Schoolboard members

“E-learning days are an important way to be able to maintain a school to home connection with our students,” said Symcox. “That is an absolute credit to our teachers in knowing that even if it is e-learning our students need to be able to connect with us here at school.”

The numbers in participation were great, but Principal Symcox is hopeful for 100 percent attendence for the next e-learning day.

Joanne Symcox Principal LCIS

“We have a little more work to do to increase our numbers. We are going to take some measures to help improve the attendance by calling parents the Monday before to remind them of the day, to help communicate with the families who don’t receive the notice in their childs backpack or check social media and emails as often.”

The next e-learning day for LCIS will be November 11th and students in grades 1-2 will take home their tablets while those in kindergarten will continue with the take home packets.

“We know that with the weather coming e-learning may be something we do for a snow day,” said Symcox. “So, if we are prepared and know that it is going to happen, we know the students will be able to log in and connect with their teachers.”

Results from the survey:

  • 96% of parents were aware of the e-learning day
  • 93% had access to internet or hotspots at home for their children to attend the class
  • 87% of students were provided with an e-learning schedule
  • 93% of students in 3-8 grade were able to check in with their teacher during the e-learning day
  • 78% of parents felt their children were successful in participating with the e-learning day, while 12% felt unsure
  • 85% of parents who responded to the survey felt they had enough communication with the office
  • 71% felt they received enough communication through their childs teacher

For more information about the e-learning schedule you can visit the Lawrence County Independent Schools website.