Two graduate Problem Solving Court

BEDFORD – Problem Solving Court Graduation ceremony was held this morning in Lawrence County Superior Court II.

Thanks to their perseverance, determination, and relentless attitude Jami and Byran graduated from the adult drug court.

Their stories began battling drug or alcohol addiction and a lifestyle filled with lies, dishonestly, theft, and family relationships strained. The path to their happiness was not easy but the legal system and their families did not give up on them. Most of all they never gave up on themselves.

Judge Rober Cline said being in drug court is not an easy process but these two worked hard to turn their lives around.

Judge Robert Cline

“They have established employment, furthered their education, and assumed family responsibilities,” he added.” They actively participated in their recovery program and continue to display an attitude that makes them successful role models to other participants and members of the community. A great day… a great life.”

Former Judge Bill Sleva continues to support and be involved in the problem-solving court. 

Sleva stresses that participants evaluate their days. 

Judge Sleva

“Remember the good days and what made them good days,” he added. “When the days are not so good, remember those good days and reflect on why they were good days. Eventually, there will be more good days than bad, and you’re ahead of the game.”

Both judges stressed when a participant sees graduation day “They earned it.”