Oolitic Town Council votes for new back up motor pump at Treatment Plant

OOLITIC – In a special meeting Wednesday night, the Oolitic Town Council voted to pay for and replace the motor for the backup water pump at the Treatment Plant for $3,000.

The previous pump was set in a seven foot hole, up the hill from the wet wells, and was half full of water. Councilman Jon Broglin along with Jasper Electric were able to extract the motor from the pit and said it could be refurbished for $5,000.

Councilman Broglin didn’t like that answer and began to research acquiring a new pump or finding a way to fix the current one at a cheaper rate. In his research, he contacted Columbus Electric located in Columbus who has a brand new motor on the shelf that will be in the $1,300-$1,800 plus installation fees along with a two year warranty.

Jon Broglin

“Columbus Electric will be able to install the new motor and test the pump to help assess any damage that could be present on the current pump,” said Broglin. “The testing of the pump won’t cost anything, but will help determine if we need a new one.”

Councilman Broglin asked the council for the $3,000 to purchase the new motor to be installed and attached to the existing pump.

“There needs to be redundancy in case the main pumps become overwhelmed, as they have in the past. This upgraded motor will give us just that,” Broglin said.

The importance to this pump would give additional help to the main pumps, that can become overworked by the rising water of Salt Creek or Goose Creek when heavy rain falls or when snow melts in the spring which causes flooding near the town and the wet wells.

This pump would end up as an alternative to the primary pumps and will be able to pump twice the amount of gallons per minute in comparison to the main pumps.

The council unanimously approved the request for $3,000 for the purchase of a new motor and installation with the pump pending the test.

If the current pump needs to be replaced, Councilman Broglin will request an additional $3,000 to $4,000 to make it operational.