Orleans deputy marshals distribute info about inoperable and unlicensed vehicles

ORLEANS – Beginning today, the Orleans Police Department will begin distributing ordinance information to educate citizens concerning inoperable and not currently licensed vehicles as specified in the Town of Orleans Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance.

In conjunction with the town clean-up week, the town council wants to give ample time for the owners of these vehicles to remove them or make them in compliance with the abandoned vehicle ordinance.

Orleans Town Marshal Richard Dixon

“We have received numerous complaints from citizens who would like to see their neighborhoods free of vehicles that have sat for many months because of being unlicensed and inoperable,” said Town Marshal Richard Dixon. “We request that the owners of these vehicles voluntarily help solve these issues before October 29th, to avoid a potential fine and removal of the vehicles as is stated in the ordinance. A copy of the ordinance is available at the town hall and also at the police department. There are local companies that will buy these vehicles from the owners and remove them at no charge to the owner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.”