Judge Nikirk flags commissioners of danger and deadline in losing $100,000 grant

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Circuit Court Judge Nathan Nikirk provided an update of all three court activities to the commissioners Tuesday morning.

Most of the courts are now conducting court hearings in person.

Judge Nathan Nikirk

“We are hearing about 90 percent of the criminal cases and about 60 percent of the cases in Circuit Court are being held in person,” said Judge Nikirk. “The rest are still be conducted over Zoom.”

Judge Nikirk also requested the commissioners to rebid the work to build an auxiliary courtroom in the former WorkOne building at Courthouse Plaza.

Judge Nikirk says the county will lose the Indiana Supreme Court grant of $100,000 if something is not done but the December 1 deadline.

The commissioners said they would take his request under advisement.

Martha Cox and Charles Cessna approached the commissioners about the county attempting to claim an easement on their property on Mill Creek Road. The county needs the property to replace Bridge 150 located on Mill Creek Road. The bridge is part of a federal aid project.

Both Cox and Cessna says the property has been in their family for generations and they don’t want to sell the easement. Also if they do sell, it will eliminate the entrance to and from their other property.

“I don’t think that is fair,” said Cessna. “This is our only way in and out of the property. The property is not for sale.”

Commissioner President Rodney Fish said they would set up a meeting with the engineers on the project and the family to see the issue was addressed.

The commissioners approved the request of Doug Conrad to build roll-back concrete curbs on the main road going to the clubhouse at Stone Crest Golf Course.

Conrad reported crews will also be widening the road about 4 feet and placing pipes and drains to stop standing water on the roadways. All of the work will be paid for by the association, no county funds will be used.

Stone Crest Golf Course

Crews will also be working near the clubhouse to patch a few potholes.

Hanna Martin, the new Lawrence County Soil and Water Community Development Educator introduced herself to the commissioners.