Canine Dusty alerts on vehicle with hidden drugs

BEDFORD – Two women were arrested Saturday after a Bedford Police officer stopped a Ford Ranger pickup because they traveled several roads before turning on their headlights.

Lauren Freeman

The officer identified the driver as 27-year-old Lauren Freeman, of Seymour and her passenger 33-year-old Julia Harper, of Bedford. 

Julia Harper

Both women told police they could not give consent to search the vehicle because they were not the owners. 

The officer then requested Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department canine Dusty to the scene. 

Dusty alerted there were drugs in the vehicle. 

In the vehicle, officers found drug paraphernalia and two small plastic bags containing heroin. In Freeman’s purse officers found a notebook that contained drug dealing information. 

Both denied ownership of the the found items.

Harper then told officers she had two more baggies of heroin in her bra. She told officers Freeman had placed a magnetic box under the hood of the vehicle. 

Officers located that box next to the vehicle’s battery. In the box were two more baggies containing 17.14 grams of meth and a baggie of heroin.

Harper told officers Freeman had borrowed the truck in exchange for drugs so she could make another drug delivery to a man named Clyde.

She also admitted to purchasing drugs from Freeman.

Freeman denied any knowledge about the drugs found in the vehicle.

Both women were arrested on charges of dealing meth and dealing narcotic drugs, possession of meth, possession of a narcotic drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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