Lawrence County paving projects continue, bridges are becoming a concern

LAWRENCE CO. – There are more than 680 miles of roads and 127 bridges in Lawrence County that Highway Superintendent David Holmes oversees.

David Holmes

This year, the Community Crossing Grant of around $1 million dollars was allotted to Lawrence County with a 75/25 match for the paving of roadways throughout the county.

Most of the paving projects will be completed by next Wednesday, weather permitting.

Milestone Contractors pave Indian Creek Road Thursday.

This year more than 46,000 tons of asphalt was used to pave nearly 30 miles of roadway.

“One of the areas that really concerns me is our bridges throughout the county,” said Holmes during the budget hearing last week. “There are about 15 bridges throughout the county that will need attention in the next few years,” stated Holmes.

Indian creek bridge
Indian Creek Bridge

Bids for the Mill Creek Road Bridge project will be let, in November. The let date or the letting date is the date when the bids for an advertised project are opened. The bridge is part of a federal aid project.

Cement Plant Road bridge
The county will apply for federal aid to assist with the Cement Plant Road bridge repairs. The bridge has been closed for several months.

This year, the county was able to replace two bridges. Those bridges were Bridge 124 on Huron Williams Road and Bridge 62 on Stonington Road.

The county will seek a federal aid grant for the Cement Plant Road bridge that now has been closed for several months now.

Oolitic Road Bridge over Salt Creek is set for repairs.

“I am pleased this year with the project we have completed so far,” said Holmes.

Budget for 2022 for Lawrence County Highway:

  • Motor Vehicle Highway – $4,031,218
  • Cumulative Bridge – $922,060
  • Road/Street – $968,514
  • Landfill/Refuse – $27,850

Holmes asked for a raise as Supervisor. His salary for the 2021 year is $51,605. The requested raise would increase Holmes annual salare in 2022 to the sum of $61,133. A raise as the project coordinator would take the current annual salary from $5,000 to $10,000 in 2022.

The county landfill, which is closed, is still being tested for contamination. The testing which is required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management will continue for a couple more years.