Unionville teacher Kelly Misheikis awarded Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Award

BLOOMINGTON – Congratulations to Unionville teacher, Kelly Misheikis on being awarded the “Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms” award.

Kelly Misheikis

Misheikis has a long history with Unionville Elementary and MCCSC.  She was a student, a student teacher, and ultimately a teacher at Unionville.  She is deeply committed to the community she serves (her hometown) and takes great pride in the successes of her students, her colleagues, and her school.   

Officials say Misheikis’ professional dedication is evident in her work and is visible in the structure and practices of the school. When the Unionville faculty collaborated to develop curriculum through an outdoor education lens, Misheikis’ nimble and creative mind went right to work in identifying the perfect acronym for the vision: E.A.R.T.H.  E.A.R.T.H., where every letter stands for a specific component, is woven through the curriculum.  E=Environment, A=Art, R=Resources, T=Technology, and H=Health.  She is eager to learn and to engage in professional development.  Her recent participation in IU School of Education global literacy training and her participation as an MCCSC STEM fellow has had a great impact on the school. 

When asked about Kelly and her Fulbright opportunity her principal, Lily Albright used the following Nelson Mandela quote: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  She said, Kelly, is cautious, but also adventurous.  She is humble, but also bold. Kelly is not without fear, but she is brave in her pursuit of lifelong learning. Her upcoming Fulbright adventure is a great example of this.” 

Kelly will take a 9-week course this fall, attend a symposium in DC in February, travel abroad for 2-3 weeks this spring/summer (destination unknown at this point), and create a global education guide as a result of her learning and travel.  You can read more about the experience here: https://www.irex.org/project/fulbright-teachers-global-classrooms-program-fulbright-tgc.