Marlin Elementary opens Dragon Den

BLOOMINGTON – Congratulations to Marlin Elementary, at 1655 East Bethel Lane, in Bloomington on the grand opening of the Dragon Den.

The Dragon Den is a multipurpose structure on Marlin’s campus. The PTO played an integral role in funding the project and coordinating donations involving money, materials, and labor. 

Marlin combines a supportive and caring school environment with a curriculum that meets the needs of today’s students. This includes an emphasis on Project Based Learning (PBL) in all classrooms.  Marlin’s teachers participated in professional development on Project Based Learning during 2020 to extend their curriculum to include more student-centered inquiry-based learning.  During the 2020-2021 school year, all teachers taught Project Based Learning units on Health and Wellness, as well as Environmental Education.  During the summer of 2021 Marlin’s teachers will continue to grow as educators by participating in more professional development on PBL.  In addition to units on Health and Wellness, and Environmental Education, Marlin’s teachers will lead PBL units on Global Awareness and Community Awareness and Connections during the 2021-2022 school year.   

The Dragon Den can be used as an outdoor classroom, gathering place, lunch location, meeting spot, etc.