Crews move to District 3 to do paving

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners held a brief meeting Tuesday morning at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

During the meeting, Highway Superintendent David Holmes reported contract paving crews have finished paving in District 2. Crews have moved to District 3 and will be paving in that district for about two weeks, weather permitting.

David Holmes

Highway crews continue to work on cutting brush.

Work on bridge 62 on Stonington Road is on schedule.

“We are currently working on securing the right of ways need,” said Holmes. “All of the bridge projects are on schedule.”

Sheriff Mike Branham reported there were 149 inmates in the jail this morning, of those 119 are males, 30 are females, four inmates are Level 6 convicted felons, three Department of Correction holds, and one parole hold.

Sheriff Mike Branham

Sheriff Branham reported he is working on the county’s court security plan. He hopes to have the plan completed by the end of the week. Sheriff Branham will then submit the required plan to the Supreme Court for approval. Sheriff Branham is working on the plan with Emergency Manager Director Valerie Luchauer and Circuit Court Judge Nathan Nikirk.