Needmore Elementary School students have a great first week of school

NEEDMORE – The first week of classes went well for students returning to Needmore Elementary School. There is nothing more exciting for parents to see their children on the first day of Kindergarten and see them progress through the years until one day they are a high school graduate.

No one wants to rush these moments and for every student, it starts at a local elementary school where their education is influenced by dedicated teachers, staff, and many other mentors along the way.

Education is vital and the loving, caring staff of Needmore Elementary School was ready for the start of this school year.

In preparation for the new school year a “Meet Your Teacher” event was held on Tuesday before school began. The event was well attended by families.

Principal Petty welcomes students for the first day of school last week.

Needmore Principal Susan Petty stated, “We have had such a wonderful start to the new school year at Needmore. It has been an exciting, smooth, and fun-filled first week of school. It was great to see the smiling faces of our students, as they make new friends and are ready to have a fun-filled school year in the classrooms.”

The first week went well from the transition from the COVID-19 pandemic last year. The transportation to the facility ran like a well-oiled machine on the first day of school. With staff and students learning school procedures for the new school year.

The staff was prepared to support the students with all of their needs and to help get them adjusted to their classrooms and teachers. The students are eager to learn and ready for a wide range of exploration in education.

Tricia Malone, Instructional Coach, Lu Kuhen, Reading Specialist, Jennifer Harris, Counselor, and Tammy Milah, Student Support Specialist have been instrumental in helping the Needmore students who were learning virtually online last year. This year students returned to in-person instruction versus online, according to Petty.

New initiatives at Needmore this year include, Project Lead The Way, Positive Behavior Intervention Support, and WIN time, a school-wide intervention block to help all learners get the help, remediation, or enrichment that they need at their own individual learning level.

“Our school-wide theme this year is based on the philosophy of Mr. Fred Rogers and accepting everyone just as they are. We want our students to know they are special and their Needmore family is here to love them, care for them, and nurture them,” concluded Petty.