Chip seal rescheduled on State Road 362 in Scott and Jefferson Counties

SCOTT/JEFFERSON CO. — Indiana Department of Transportation maintenance crews plan to begin chip seal operations as early as Thursday, August 5, on State Road 362 in Scott and Jefferson Counties. Work will take place between State Road 3 and State Road 62 along the Clark County line. The work was originally scheduled for mid-May but was moved to later in the season.

Chip seal operations typically last around three to four days per location depending upon the weather. Work is completed under lane closures with flagging to prevent damage to both vehicles and the roadway.

During operations, the existing pavement is coated with liquid asphalt, which seals cracks and provides waterproof protection. This extends the service life of the roadway and lowers maintenance costs. Once the seal coat is complete, loose aggregate is applied and swept from the road. After a curing period, crews will return to fog seal the new driving surface and apply pavement markings.

Chip seal is a cost-effective pavement preservation technique that is utilized across the state of Indiana, saving an estimated six to 14 dollars in taxpayer expenditures for every dollar invested in extending the life of a roadway.

Motorists should slow down, watch for stopped traffic, and drive distraction-free through all work zones. All work is weather-dependent and schedules are subject to change.

Chip Seal