Newton County Park Board donates $25,000 for Willow Slough FWA improvements

MOROCCO – The Newton County Park Board (NCPB) recently donated $25,000 to Willow Slough Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) to improve visitor experiences on the property.

NCPB’s contribution allowed Willow Slough FWA to upgrade its picnic and shore-fishing areas.

The following were installed, thanks to the contribution:  

  • Three 10- x 12-foot pavilions
  • Five charcoal grills
  • Six benches
  • Two fire rings for community use

Funding was also used to develop signage for five trails. The signs highlight conservation work completed on Willow Slough FWA’s wetlands, grasslands, and lake. They also include photos of wildlife that can be seen on the property.

“We really appreciate the donation given to us by the NCPB,” said property manager Michael Schoof. “These new amenities will give our users more options when visiting the property and will hopefully spotlight some of the great conservation work that is underway at Willow Slough FWA.”

The new amenities are available first-come, first-served. All improvements will enhance visitors’ experiences and allow them to more fully enjoy the natural wonders present on the property.

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