Springville Community Association to operate Springville School

SPRINGVILLE – The Perry Township officials agreed to sign over Springville Elementary School to the Springville Community Association.

Springville Community Association takes over the operation of Springville School once NLCS deeds the property.

In a meeting held Thursday night the president Kenny Thompson of the Springville Community Center was on hand to sign the agreement with Perry Township officials.

Kenny Thompson president of Springville Community Association signs agreement with Perry Township
Kenny Thompson comments on Springville School

Perry Township Advisory board member Amy Voorhies abstained from the vote because she is on both boards.

Board members of the Springville Community Association include Albert Cross, Gerald Hill, Jack Armstrong, Amy Voorhies, Roger Evans, Jackie Thompson, and Kenneth Thompson.

The group plans to use the facility as both a school and community use for years to come.

Bob Phillips Perry Township Trustee signs agreement with Springville Community Association

Springville Association is financially able to operate the facility with the group finances to operate it for over a year and a half at this time.

Springville residents and community support for the township to take possession of the school from North Lawrence Community Schools was impressive. The Perry Township officials voted last month to request the school be returned to the township.

Doug Kelley president of Perry Township advisory board thanks the community for their support.

At this time North Lawrence Community School corporations have not signed over the deed to the Perry Township. Township officials stated they took 165 photos of the building and wanted the property turned over to them in the same condition when they toured the facility.

North Lawrence Community Schools have not given a timeline when the deed for the property will be transferred to Perry Township. Perry Township will then quitclaim deed the property to Springville Community Association.