Bedford Plan Commission adopts defeated proposal rule

BEDFORD – The Bedford Plan Commission was began in 1947. according to Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward. In looking over minutes of previous meetings Woodward could not find where the Bedford Plan Commission adopted a rule that prevented anyone from an appeal of a plan commission proposal within a specified time.

Members kicked the Tuesday’s meeting off with the adoption of such a rule under IC 36-7-4-608.

This comes after the Bedford Plan Commission voted 6-1 to oppose a zoning change to a proposed drug facility presented by Michael Coryea back in May.

However, Coryea appealed the decision and the commission members heard his proposal a second time after being defeated.

Woodward originally told those in attendance last May that in order to appeal the decision the matter would have to be taken up within the Lawrence County Circuit or Superior Court.

From this point forward any matter defeated by the Bedford Plan Commission would have to be heard by the Lawrence County Circuit or Superior Courts or an appeal can be made one year following the defeated proposal.