Bedford Plan Commission to meet Tuesday afternoon

The Bedford Plan Commission will meet at 4:00 p.m. at City Concourse located at 1402 H Street in Bedford on Tuesday afternoon. Besides the public hearing on rezoning for a proposed Drug Detox Facility at 2620 Industrial Park Drive in Bedford, the plan commission is expected to adopt a rule on Indiana Code 36-7-4-608 (c) (5).

New Business:

  1. Adopt rule to limit further consideration of defeated proposals for up to 1
    year after its defeat. IC Code 36-7-4-608 (c) (5).
  2. Preliminary hearing for TWG Development LLC – Travis Vencel for a
    rezone. Travis is requesting to rezone the property described as SEC 23 TWP
    5 R1 W 1.22A AND 2.0A FOR TOTAL OF 3.22A. Currently the property is
    zoned B-3 Planned Business District and the request is to rezone the property
    to R-3 Medium Density Residential District. This will be for multifamily
    apartments with 65 units.
  3. Public hearing for Michael Coryea for a refile of a rezone of 2620 Industrial
    Park Drive. Michael is requesting a rezone of his property which is currently
    zoned I-2 General Industrial District to PR Professional- Residential District.
    Michael is looking to open a new business which will be a Residential Detox
    Facility. This request was heard in a preliminary hearing on April 12, 2021
    and at a Public hearing held on May 10, 2021 with the request being denied.
  4. Preliminary hearing for Stone City Alliance for Recovery and Hope INC.
    (AKA Men’s Warming Shelter) who are looking to purchase the property
    located at 1414 H Street Bedford, IN to be used as the Men’s Warming
    Shelter. The property is currently zoned B-2 Central Business District and
    requires a Special Exception Permit for Boarding/Lodging House.