Rockville Correctional Facility bids farewell to retiring staff

ROCKVILLE – Warden Julie Stout and all the staff at the Rockville Correctional Facility (RCF) congratulate two veteran staff on their well-deserved, and hard-earned retirements. Correctional Officer Pam Cottrell and Accountant Mitzi Passmore have 49 plus years of combined service to the citizens of the State of Indiana.

Pam Cottrell
Correction Officer Pam Cottrell

Correctional Officer Pam Cottrell joined RCF in 1994 shortly after the facility buildings and grounds had undergone a massive revitalization. Throughout her 26 years, seven months of service Pam witnessed the facility population grow from a few hundred to over 1,000 offenders. In 1994 those offenders dressed in their own ‘civilian’ clothing until the population increase necessitated issuance of offender uniforms. Throughout her career Pam never shied away from the difficult tasks often volunteering to work overtime when needed. Supervision was always confident that Pam could be counted on to be where she was supposed to be, doing what she was supposed to be doing, and seeking out additional duties upon completion of an assignment.

Pam’s next chapter will include an increased emphasis on handcrafted jewelry manufacturing which she will display at local craft fairs and maintaining her close relationships with her RCF family.

Mitzi Passmore
Mitzi Passmore

Mitzi Passmore began her journey in the RCF Business Office in October 1998 at a time when bookkeeping was accomplished by hand in long, green logbooks. Mitzi was on the front lines of an incredible technological revolution in accounting processes when those handwritten logbooks were replaced with computer spreadsheets. Mitzi worked very hard over the years staying abreast of changes in her field making her way to becoming the Facility E-Procurement Accountant. Mitzi’s professional demeanor coupled with her easygoing approachable manner made her an essential cog in facility operations. She was instrumental in assisting facility staff with the sometimes-complicated procurement processes ensuring other departments had the supplies they needed when they needed them. Mitzi was an outstanding facility ambassador as her procurement responsibilities included working with various vendors around the State ensuring compliance with standards.

For the past 22-plus years Mitzi Passmore has been faithful and attentive to needs of the Rockville Correctional Facility. She now eagerly looks forward to being even more faithful and attentive to meeting the needs, and desires, of her much-adored grandchildren.