Parents Bill of Rights equips Hoosier parents with a roadmap to engage in children’s education

INDIANA – This past school year had many challenges caused by COVID-19. Among them was a shift to remote learning, which gave parents a unique window into their children’s classrooms. For some, it shed light on troubling ideologies being imposed in K-12 school curriculum.

Numerous parents and state legislators have contacted me to express concern about how much indoctrination, not instruction, is being thrust upon students. While American students fall behind the rest of the world in math, science, reading, and writing, some schools are prioritizing political agendas over academic achievement.

Todd Rokita

These dangerous ideologies only serve to divide our children, which leads to a divided society. A divided society destroys our civic institutions by falsely discrediting them. Critical race theory and similar curriculums aim to co-opt America’s traditional U.S. history and civics curriculum by imposing deeply flawed, factually deficient instruction and racial division into the classroom.

Across the state of Indiana, we’ve seen concerned parents begin to engage in renewed ways in their children’s education. For some, it’s the first time they’ve stepped into a school board meeting or interacted with their school administrators. In the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, we’re committed to empowering parents to engage in meaningful civic dialogue that will positively impact their child’s educational experience.

That’s why my office recently released a Parents Bill of Rights aimed at giving all Hoosier families the confidence and tools to exercise their voice in their children’s education. This empowering, multi-part guide addresses how academic standards and curriculum are created. It also serves as a roadmap for parents to get involved and provide input and expectations to local education leaders.

As the chief legal officer of Indiana, I will do everything I can to nurture the strength of the nuclear family and protect all children. I hope this is the priority of every elected official. Provisioning parents with an understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities with respect to their children’s education is a huge part of this office’s ongoing mission.

Ultimately, we know that the single, most effective way to hold school officials and teachers accountable is for parents to engage in their children’s education. The Parents Bill of Rights empowers them to do just that.

As I’ve traveled throughout the state of Indiana, I’ve heard firsthand the concerns of parents who are deeply concerned about misleading ideologies being imposed in their children’s school curriculum. The first line of defense to hold school districts accountable lies with active and engaged parents. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office will stand in their corner every step of the way as they exercise their individual liberties in the interest of their children.

Please visit to download a copy of the Parents Bill of Rights.