Flood damages Bloomington Police Department facility

BLOOMINGTON– The Bloomington Police Department (BPD) building at 220 East Third Street was damaged during the flooding that occured in the downtown area Friday night into Saturday morning.

The facility suffered significant damage to electronic and computer equipment that was located in the affected areas of the building. The estimated time to repair the damage is unknown. Normal operations are, for the most part, able to continue at the facility.

All equipment and furnishings impacted by the flood waters are either being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected or disposed of, depending on the level of contamination. 

Police Chief Mike Diekhoff

“While the floodwaters damaged our facility and took some equipment out of service, it could have been much worse without the quick responses of BPD officers, non-sworn staff, and facilities managers who began the recovery process well before the last drop of rain had fallen,” Chief Mike Diekhoff stated. 

Mayor John Hamilton

“Once again our emergency responders have distinguished themselves. Not only did they answer a huge number of calls for service during the storm, but they also prevented what could have been a serious disaster at their headquarters location,” said Mayor John Hamilton. “Their quick thinking protected the headquarters facility and surely saved the city a great deal of additional repair and replacement costs. Many of those protecting the building from damage were off-duty officers and non-sworn staff who took it upon themselves to come in. They are public servants in the truest sense of those words and we continue to be grateful for their service.”