Indiana Arts Commission virtual conference

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Arts Commission believe everyone in the state of Indiana should have the opportunity to find joy in creating and are excited for this year’s conference to support those who facilitate that creating: the artists, arts organizations, community members, and art teachers in the state that do the important job of communicating art skills and providing creative experiences for the very youngest to the very oldest and everyone in between.

The Indiana Arts Commission is excited to open the call for session and content proposals this year. The commission is looking for content centered around the ideas, skills, networking, and arts experiences you want to participate in. 

Have an idea that you’d like to see someone else present? Suggestions are welcome too.

The virtual conference will take place on October 13-15.

It is important to us that sessions:

  • Connect to this year’s focus in some way
  • Support participant interaction
  • Include a Call to Action and Teaching Goal
  • Celebrate Hoosiers engaging their communities, build the skills of attendees to do so, OR BOTH

A few more expectations as you submit:

  • You CAN submit more than one proposal, but we’ll probably only choose one of your sessions to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard.
  • Proposals can be from individuals or groups with no more than 3 speakers.
  • It would be great if your session would be formed already when you propose, but we’re realistic. At this point, we’re asking for the topic and speaker(s). Tell us what you know and how you plan to proceed.
  • We may ask that you revise your proposal, title, or description.
  • Selected speakers will be eligible for a small honorarium.

To sign up click here to submit your proposals.