Help support Becky’s Place this Mother’s Day

BEDFORD – Women are strong. Women are courageous. But sometimes, even the mightiest among us need help.

Becky’s Place provides shelter and creates hope for women and children experiencing homelessness. By offering shelter, compassion, and professional counseling.

Becky’s Place empowers women, just like Shelly.


In the summer of 2017, Shelly came to Becky’s Place with no place to stay due to her drug use. She immediately dove into the program, and found a local job quickly. Shelly realized that her co-workers were actively using drugs and knew that she wanted to remove herself from that lifestyle. She found a job in a healthier environment, started saving money, journaling, and helping with extra duties at Becky’s Place.

Shelly moved to the south to live with a family member in the fall of 2017. She met someone after her move, and their relationship turned violent, so she decided to reach out to Becky’s Place for help. In early 2018 she returned to Indiana and immersed herself back into the program at Becky’s Place. Shelly put more focus on her own needs and attending doctor’s appointments and meeting with a therapist. 

She found employment and housing within three months and has been able to maintain those, even serving as a Shift Supervisor at Becky’s Place. Shelly encourages the residents by telling them, “Becky’s Place is life-changing! I know because I am changed.”

Becky’s Place walks alongside women at every stage in their journey. We are privileged to witness first-hand the strength and courage each of these women displays as she overcomes obstacles and sacrifices.
Becky’s Place has walked alongside hundreds of women, offering hope and a helping hand, and with your help, we will help hundreds more. 

  • $25 provides school pictures for a child at Becky’s Place.
  • $50 allows a child to register to play a sport.
  • $100 provides school clothes and supplies for a child, including new socks and undergarments.
  • $250 aids a Becky’s Place resident in obtaining her GED and finding stable employment.
  • $500 provides a deposit on permanent housing for a successful graduate of the Becky’s Place program.

In honor of a strong woman who has positively impacted your life this Mother’s Day, will you make a gift?

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