Greene County Prosecutor releases details in the investigation of shooting deaths in Owensburg

OWENSBURG – The Greene County Sheriff Department and Indiana State Police responded to the Mason George residence on South Mountain Spring Road, south of Owensburg on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Police responded after a family member reported finding her daughter and two other people dead in the home. The caller believed they have been shot.

The three deceased individuals were identified as 22-year-old Mason George, his girlfriend, 21-year-old Jessica Bixler, and 14-year-old Cole Bixler. All three were Greene County residents.

Autopsies were conducted by Dr. Roland Kohr, who determined the cause of death for each was a single gun shot wound to the head.

Detectives from the Greene County Sheriff’s Department interviewed friends and family members of the three individuals who died.

Crime Scene Investigators from the Indiana State Police processed the scene and evidence related to the shooting.

Evidence from Cole Bixlers SnapChat account was also examined.

Based on the the investigation conducted by the Greene County Sheriff no criminal charges will be filed.

The investigation revealed that Cole Bixler shot Mason George while George was lying on his couch asleep.

Bixler then shot his cousin Jessica Bixler in her bedroom, before killing himself in the same room.

Bixler used a handgun owned by Mason George to shoot Mason, Jessica and himself.

Cole Bixler had spent the night at George’s residence as a guest.

Bixler had mentioned to others he had been having thoughts of harming himself.