Indiana Board of Education Highlights Flexibility Guide for schools

Indiana Department of Education

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Board of Education Wednesday highlighted a new guide to help local schools apply for flexibility from certain state requirements.

Katie Jenner

“In order to prepare Hoosier students for what lies ahead on their life and career paths, we must both celebrate and foster innovation in our classrooms,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education, and Board chair. “By providing our schools additional flexibility, we give educators the freedom to best create pathways for students’ lifelong success. This guide provides one place for educators to look when considering flexibilities within Indiana’s laws designed to reduce barriers and spur innovation.”

As part of Indiana’s new Performance Based Accreditation System, created with the enactment of House Enrolled Act 1003 during the 2020 legislative session, additional flexibility is now available to all public schools and state-accredited non-public schools. 

Wednesday the Board unanimously approved flexibility waivers for Pike County School Corporation in Petersburg and MSD North Posey County Schools in Poseyville. This action waives the schools’ requirement to complete a corporation Annual Performance Report and allows the districts to count instructional time in minutes instead of days.

The Board will continue to review all waiver requests as they are submitted. If approved, the waivers take effect at the start of the following school year. 

The 1003 Flexibility Waiver Applications are available for Indiana schools through the Indiana Department of Education’s Accountability Center. The full resource guide is available here, along with a quick reference guide.

The Board will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.