Knightstown school district eliminates textbook and classroom fees for 2021-22

KNIGHTSTOWN – Indiana is one of eight states that charge for school textbooks, but a school district in Knightstown will eliminate fees next year.

According to Jediah Behny, superintendent of Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corporation, families of a child who attend schools in Knightstown pay, on average, around $150 per student in textbook rentals and classroom fees.

That quickly adds up when a family has two or more students in school, Behny added.

Last week the school board voted to suspend textbook rental and classroom fees for the 2021-2022 school year. The costs, around $90,000, will be covered by the district and spread out in other areas within the existing budget.

“It is something that we have been looking at for a while and have not moved forward with. But conversations of just the stress, the anxiety that people are feeling, now is just the right time for us to do it,” said Behny.

This is one of several efforts the school district has taken to remove financial burdens for families. Several years ago, they stopped charging students for attending athletic events.

They also are not charging for SAT testing.

Behny says both SAT costs and student entry to sporting events are covered with the help of community donations.