Houghton and Gillespie Promoted to Lieutenant at Putnamville Correctional Facility

(GREENCASTLE) – Putnamville Correctional Facility Warden Dushan Zatecky and Deputy Warden Mike Rains are pleased to announce the promotions of Doyne Houghton and Robert Gillespie to the rank of Lieutenant with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC).

Pictured left to right: Deputy Warden Mike Rains, Captain Kevin Clark, Lieutenant Doyne Houghton, Lieutenant Robert Gillespie, Major Harley Crabb, and Warden Dushan Zatecky

Lieutenant Doyne Houghton started as an Officer with the IDOC in April of 1992. Lieutenant Houghton joined Emergency Response Operations (ERO) in 2008 as a member of Emergency Squad (E-Squad). Mr. Houghton spent 13 years on E-Squad, dedicating himself to the service of the department and the community, during which time he promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His extensive background helped lead him into assisting with training his fellow staff as a certified Field Training Office and Complex Sergeant.

Lieutenant Robert Gillespie started with the IDOC in January of 2018 and became an active member of E-Squad in June 2018. In addition to Mr. Gillespie other duties, he served as a Field Training Officer where he developed new staff to prepare them for their new career with IDOC. Mr. Gillespie promoted to the rank of Correctional Sergeant, where he was the first line of IDOC supervision for correctional staff ensuring smooth operation of offender housing units through coaching staff and the offender population. Mr. Gillespie started PCF K-9 in December 2018, where he currently is an active member of the team as a handler.

In their new roles both individuals will continue to support new staff, train, and develop upcoming leaders, supervise assigned staff members, and communicating with Case Management on offender needs. 

PCF Warden Dushan Zatecky commented, “With the promotion of these two individuals comes a greater set of challenges.  I am confident they will help Putnamville Correctional Facility staff in their growth process and be successful strong, dependable leaders. Both Gillespie and Houghton have strong backgrounds with the Department, and I am thrilled to see the two of them step up in their new roles, not only to meet but exceed with whatever challenges come their way.”