Two Men Arrested After Traffic Stop

(BEDFORD) – Two men were arrested after a Bedford Police officer stopped a vehicle early Thursday morning.

Christopher Nickless

Officers arrested 23-year-old Christopher Nickless, of Ellettsville, of charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, OWI, OWI endangerment, and resisting arrest. Officers also arrested his passenger, 23-year-old Logan Holtsclaw, of Bedford, on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest by force.

Logan Holtsclaw

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Tuesday a Bedford Police officer was parked at Hoosier Hills Credit Union on Lincoln Avenue when he noticed a grey 4-door sedan turn off 7th Street and travel northbound onto Lincoln Avenue. The vehicle accelerated at high-rate of speed and continued north on State Road 59.

The officer followed the vehicle. The sedan stopped for the red light at State Road 58 and Lincoln Avenue. The driver then turned left onto State Road 37 while the light was still red.

The driver again accelerated at a high-rate of speed while traveling west on State Road 58.

The officer activated his emergency lights. The driver of the sedan hit his brakes as if to stop but then continued west on State Road 58. The officer noted he didn’t believe the driver was going to stop so they asked for a fellow officer to assist.

The driver then turned south onto V Street from State Road 58.

As the officer followed he lost sight of the vehicle.

The officer turned south on 6th Street and drove to X Street looking for the sedan.

The officer spotted the vehicle on 7th Street traveling west toward X Street. The driver disregarded the stop sign on 7th at X Street and continued west on a gravel drive that goes to the rear of the shopping center where the BMV an DCS offices are located.

After pulling behind the DCS officer the sedan stopped.

The driver was ordered to turn off the vehicle and to place his hands out the window. He complied.

While handcuffing the driver, the officer detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage.

Nickless was asked why he fled from the officer. He told police he was just trying to “get his buddy home.”

While another officer was placing the passenger in handcuffs, Holtsclaw became verbally abusive with officers.

Officers attempted to explain to Holtsclaw why he was being detained, but he continued to call officers names and be verbally abusive.

As the officer attempted to place Holtsclaw in handcuffs he pulled away from the officer and had to be restrained by other officers on the scene.

Holtsclaw was then arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and restisting arrest by force.

Nickless completed a breathalyzer test and tested 0.103 percent and was arrested.

Nickless was also issued citations for disregarding a traffic control device.