Downtown Parking Fines Will Increase In Seymour In 2021

(SEYMOUR) – On January 1, 2021, anyone caught using on-street parking spots in downtown Seymour for more than two hours at a time will be issued a $10 parking ticket. Currently the fine is $3 if paid the same day the ticket is issued and $5 after that date.

The increase was approved by the city council last week by a 6-1 vote. Councilman Seth Davidson voted against the new ordinance saying the fine punishes people who live in the downtown area.

The vote comes after downtown business owners complained people were taking up customer parking.

The new ordinance will allow open free public parking lots to be open for 24 hours. If a vehicle stays in the lot for 72 hours straight it will be considered abandoned and will be towed.

The Seymour Chamber of Commerce and Seymour Main Street are working together to make everyone aware of other parking options in the downtown area by identifying the eight free downtown public parking lots and more than 400 parking spaces available downtown with their new POP (Plenty of Parking) campaign which includes large banners and parking lot and directional signs to raise awareness of parking. The chamber has posted its first POP Downtown video on Facebook.