“Save The Children” Rally Held Sunday

(BEDFORD) – Children are our future leaders and it is important to protect this precious group to help to lead the way.

Amanda Scudder,” It Takes A Village” (left) and Janice Pendergrass, Bertha’s Mission (right) embrace Sunday at the “Save The Children” Rally

“It Takes A Village” is a group of local individuals that have recently organized to be able to give a voice and take a stand for small children within the community.

Amanda Scudder was the organizer of the rally and fun fest this past Sunday at the Lawrence County Courthouse. The group hopes to have fun stuff for children to do throughout the year.

The group also hopes to have resources for victims, survivors, and their families as well as provide a safe place to go should they need it.

Some of the safe places for children to go include the Indiana State Police, Bedford Police, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, Mitchell Police Department, local fire departments, and both Bedford and Mitchell Hoosier Uplands Head Start locations. Families can also reach out to “It Takes A Village” volunteers.

“It Takes A Village” will help reach out to an agency if the victim does not feel comfortable going directly to an agency. There is also a victim advocate center in Bedford.

To make contact with “It Takes A Village” you can visit their Facebook Page or email yourvillage20202gmail.com.

The organization has 12-15 volunteers and some out of state and expand that. Some students from Mitchell High School are also part of the newly formed group. Anyone wishing to be a part of the organization can reach out to Amanda through both Facebook messaging or email address.

“It is always important that you reach out to someone you trust. Do not be ashamed if something has happened and no one will believe you. I ask that you reach out to someone else. Continue to reach out until someone does believe you,” said Scudder.

Some of the local organizations that took part in the event Sunday was Indiana State Police, Hoosier Uplands Head Start, Bertha’s Mission, and Mix 105 Indianapolis.

There were plenty of activities available on Sunday with a dunk tank, kid’s karaoke, a crafting table, a supersized connect four game, cornhole, bubble station, snacks, drinks, and giveaways with several items to be taken during a drawing during the event.

Anyone could leave with an identification kit that included an at-home fingerprint kit, DNA kit, and fillable sheet.

Hoosier Uplands provides many services to children and families. Hoosier Uplands brought LeapFrog to Sunday’s event.

“We provide many services for pregnant moms and children from newborn to five years of age. We offer free preschool for parents who qualify,” said Allison Piper of Hoosier Uplands Early Head Start.

Head Start serves approximately 281 children a year.

Janice Pendergrass and Sharon Kittaka of Bertha’s Mission were on hand Sunday.

“Save Our Children is definitely a vital impact not only in our community, but throughout the world. Because children are the future of tomorrow. So if we do not start looking and paying attention to what is going on with our children, then we have already lost our society,” said Pendergrass.

“Our children are our future astronauts, teacher, leaders, and Presidents. If we do not take care of them, who is going to take care of us when we get older?” Pendergrass asked. “That is why I am here today to give them support.”

“A lot of people we serve at Bertha’s Mission ran upon hard times, or might have not got off to a very good start in life themselves, starting with children giving them the best opportunities is the best opportunity for adults,” said Sharon Kittaka.

Janice Pendergrass stated that the Easter Celebration, Uncover Hunger, and Community Thanksgiving have an abundance of youth who take part in those events. The youth serve the community and they want Lawrence County to know there is a good group of youth that are civic minded and support the Lawrence County community.