Lawrence County Council Approves Solid Waste District Budget

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Council adopted the budget for the Lawrence County Solid Waste District last night as budget hearings continued.

The budget request for 2021 had an increase of $66,053. The total amount requested was $2,891,800. This is a 2.4 percent increase over last year’s budget.

“This year we had to increase staff due to a large increase in people using our facilities. I think people started cleaning out their storage areas and garages when COVID-19 hit. A part-time employee had to be moved to full-time to keep up with the work,” said Solid Waste District Director Ron Walker.

There were no further questions and the Lawrence County Council went on to hear other budget requests from the coroner’s office, assessors office, Superior Court I, Superior Court II, Circuit Court, and probation office.

  • Coroners Office – $125,010
    • Forsenic Center – $4,500
  • Assesors Office – $237,295
    • Reassessment – $303,39
    • Sales Disclosure – $5.700
  • Superior Court I – $200,631
    • Non – Violent Offender program – $18,900
    • Problem Solving Court – $136,457
  • Superior Court II – $265,390
    • ADAPT Fees – $121,459
  • Circuit Court – $548,032
    • Adult probation – $144,481
    • Dispute Resolution – $ 12,000
  • Probation – $378,474
  • Community Corrections – $256,723
    • Problem solving – $19,382
  • Public Defender – $747,900

The Lawrence County Courts kept their budgets about the same as last year with very little changes.

The Lawrence County Coroner’s Office hired another deputy but only added an additional $1,000 to the budget. Robert Herr stated the deputy completed all the required training, and his office keeps up with annual training throughout the year.

The Lawrence County assessor stated that the aerial photos will be done this next year and they will be comparing the previous aerials to the new, to see if there are any changes to properties. This budget only includes the county, as the City of Bedford performs their own aerial view of the property.

The final budget hearings will be held on September 15th and the final adoption of the 2021 budget will be held on September 22nd.

The request for this year’s budget from county offices total’s around $14.8 million.