Tangie Jenkins Named Vice President Of Oolitic Town Council

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Town Council appointed Tangie Jenkins as vice president at the start of Monday evening’s town council meeting. She took Dirk Sears seat, who now serving as president.

Prior to the town council meeting the condemnation board met in a hearing to determine what to do with properties owned by Tim Stark.

The following recommendations were made:

  • Stark will be given 90 days to demolish a house located at 5th and Lafayette streets. He will have until December 1st to have the house demolished by condemnation order. A person expressed interest in purchasing the property during Monday’s meeting.
  • Repairs to the DeFord Buiding on Lafayette Avenue will be made in four phases:
    • Phase 1 – repairs completed northwest side of the building
    • Phase 2- repairs to roof have been completed
    • Phase 3 – windows will be replaced
    • Phase 4 – westside porch to be repaired
  • The decision to condemn the north building of Old Oolitic School is still undecided. A historical society was deciding on whether to try and acquire this building. Due to running out of time, Monday evening, no determination was made on the structure.

Town Councilman Steve Kerr asked about the status of getting the donated police vehicle plated and ready for use. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is 6-8 weeks behind in processing plates.

The town will hold off in applying for grant funding for sewer repairs. Easements held up the town’s application early this spring, and there is not enough time to apply in the fall grant application period. Therefore, the town is not expected to apply until the spring of 2021 for the wastewater and sewer line repairs needed in Oolitic.

President Dirk Sears says the town is in better financial shape than previously in order to focus on repairs and to have the money for grant applications.

In 2017, the town was operating in a deficit of $6,932.59 and the current balance in the water/sewer funds is at $80,690.16.

Sears stated the town will develop a plan to identify places that need repaired and make meter upgrades to use less manpower in meter reading.

The town will work with engineers and contractors to formulate a plan.

Sears went on to thank all city offices and workers for working together to be more efficient in identifying places that need repairs.

The Town of Oolitic will also be seeking bids for the replacement of the roof at the old fire station on Main Street, and find a use for the building.

Flynn & Sons has completed paving on the following streets:

  • 7th Street
  • 10th Street
  • Park Street
  • Redbud Lane
  • Sparks Street

Resident Brad Nikirk addressed the council on a sewer issue at a relative’s residence on Hillside Drive.

The Town Council also voted on replacing a pump at the Water Treatment Facility for the price of $4,165.

The Street Department has removed over 69,573 pounds of trash this month and repaired a water leak at 9th and Hall Streets. They also hauled off a total of 2,500 pounds of furniture and other discarded appliances.

Zac Bell, of the street department, says he is developing a five-year plan on projects that need work or completed throughout the town.

The town of Oolitic will take part in a hazardous materials exercise on September 11th and 12th. This will test the town’s readiness in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.