INDOT Announces Change To Processes And Managing Unique Contract Provisions

(INDIANPOLIS) – Beginning on October 1, 2020, Unique Special Provisions (USPs) will be required to be submitted into INDOT’s new SharePoint portal.

This is a significant improvement for INDOT that will allow officials to control these documents as well as the review/approval actions that in the end will improve the quality of the end-product, INDOT’s Contract Information Books.

In reality, INDOT is getting back to the requirements for USPs that is prescribed in the Indiana Design Manual (Section 19-03).

Officials understand that this method will be very new for most of INDOT’s partners and have scheduled several training sessions begin on August 27th and end on September 17th to help you with the transition.

Click here to view the upcoming training sessions and to learn more about the new process.