Foundation Of Monroe County Community Schools: Sponsor A Student

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools is asking for your help to ensure schools are equipped to handle in-person classes and online academy education.   

All funds raised will offset costs incurred by MCCSC and will benefit the areas of greatest need across the corporation, equipping students and faculty to learn in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Click here to learn more or make a gift contribution. 

Your gift helps with providing portable sinks, MIFI devices, enclosures, and many other things.

Portable sinks (photo below) are placed outside the school building. There is soap and water available for the students to wash before returning to class.

MIFI hotspot devices for families that do not have access to the internet. Officials estimated there are around 300 families in need of this service.

Outdoor classroom enclosures (photo below) have already been set up outside some school buildings. These will be used as outdoor classrooms, but over the last few days, these have been used to provide cover for device pick up and meet the teacher.