Hatfield Welcomes 80 Kindergarten Students This Year

(MITCHELL) – This morning parents and kindergarten students of Hatfield Elementary got to meet their teacher and aides.

“This is a lot of fun; a little bit different for me in my first year as an elementary school principal. But, I am ready; this a huge for me,” said Dr. Steve Grissom.

Grissom spent most of his career at Mitchell High School, but his experience has led him to Hatfield Elementary School.

“We are ready to teach,” said Grissom.

The three kindergarten teachers Miss Ochs, Miss Bailey, and Mrs. Dusard greeted their newest students. The teacher aides that will be helping them include Jessica Thompson, Vanessa Brooks, and Bridget Sanders.

Later this afternoon, students from Mrs. Hardman and Mrs. Terry’s classes will greet their students. Their aides are Shelly Blackwell and Joel Parsons. Parsons will be doing student teaching next year.

This morning the parents filled out paperwork while their children went inside and got familiar with the classroom.

Kamden and his father Victor Arana came this morning. Kamden said he was excited about his first day.

Kamden and his father Victor Arana found his teacher and say they are ready to start Kamden’s educational experience.

Blake came with both his parents, Laresa and Aaron Silverthorne, this morning. This will be the Silverthorne’s last child to start school. Blake’s favorite cartoon character is Scooby-Doo and he likes to watch wrestling. Today, however, he was excited to meet his teacher.

“We are excited about this upcoming school year. It’s our hope these students have a desire to learn and our teachers of course have been ready and set to go to be able to teach them,” said Dr. Steve Grissom.

Today, these students stayed for just a few minutes to take care of some business and leave their supplies. They will return on Tuesday for a full day of school.

Following today’s short meet and greet, the students were able to take first day of school photos with props set up by the school.