Judge Dismisses North Lawrence Schools Request For Judicial Review

(BEDFORD) – In her ruling on August 7th, Special Judge Holly M. Harvey dismissed North Lawrence Community Schools’ request by Attorney James G. Pittman for judicial review.

The court does not have jurisdiction in the case over the judicial review and in her ruling dismissed the case.

In order to have jurisdiction, the order would have to be “final agency action”. The Indiana Public Access Counselor is not a final agency action decision, it is only an advisory opinion.

The only remedy the North Lawrence Schools has is a declaratory judgment that has already been filed in a separate case in North Lawrence Community Schools vs. Jason Johnson, Jerry Ford, and Denna Ford.

The school corporation filed for the declaratory judgment to prevent Jason Johnson, Jerry Ford, and Denna Ford from obtaining public records from the Visionary Committee and information related to the consolidation of elementary schools and middle schools in the North Lawrence School System last year.

The other case can now proceed. No date has been set at this time. Special Judge Holly M. Harvey will preside over that case.