Automatic Mutual Aid Agreement Placed On Hold During 9-1-1 Meeting For Marshall Township VFD

(JUDAH) – Marshall Township Fire Chief Jason Lewis has asked that Marshall Township be provided an automatic mutual aid agreement with Monroe Fire Protection District in Monroe County.

He made the request during last month’s Lawrence County 9-1-1 Board Meeting.

The automatic mutual aid agreement will be for calls of fires and auto accidents in the township. The agreement will benefit Marshall Township during the daytime and on weekdays when the department is short-staffed.

A Marshall Township firefighter gets equipment from a fire truck at a recent fire in Perry Township.

“This will only be about 15-18 calls a year, as the department mostly responds to emergency medical calls,” said Marshall Township Fire Chief Jason Lewis. “The Monroe Fire Protection District is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week with personnel at its Clear Creek Fire Station. During the day mutual aid department with Marshall Township such as Perry Township or Oolitic Fire Fire Departments may have only one or two people available during the day.”

During the Lawrence County 9-1-1 Board meeting today, the board asked that the request be placed on hold so that Lawrence County Central Dispatch could review requirements and procedures for all automatic mutual aid agreements with other counties.

Several Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments have asked for a similar agreement with bordering counties and have been denied their requests.

The Lawrence County Central Dispatch will be looking into this matter so a protocol could be established for all Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments and not just a stand-alone policy for Marshall Township.