30th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act

(UNDATED) – This year marks the 30th anniversary of President George H.W. Bush signing the Americans with Disabilities Act into law on July 26, 1990. 

The ADA protects people with disabilities in employment (Title I), state and local governments (Title II) or public accommodatio

The U.S. Department of Justice website provides information about activities administered by the DOJ Civil Rights Division that include technical assistance, enforcement, mediation, regulations and certification of state and local building codes.ns and commercial facilities (Title III).

Additional federal agencies are engaged in ADA oversight and compliance. The National Council on Disability is an independent agency charged with advising the president, U.S. Congress and other federal agencies regarding policies, programs, practices and procedures that affect people with disabilities.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has the authority to investigate charges of discrimination against employers. Under Title I of the ADA, employers are prohibited from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities, whether they are job applicants or employees. The EEOC provides additional ADA 30th anniversary information on their ADA@30 page.

To learn more about Hoosier contributions to the adoption and early implementation of the ADA, visit the “ADA in Indiana” online exhibit created by the Indiana Disability History Project, a collaboration of the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities and the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community.