MCCSC Makes Changes To ReEntry And Recovery Plan

(BLOOMINGTON) – During the Board of School Trustees meeting on Tuesday, July, 28th the Board approved the changes to the ReEntry and Recovery Plan for Monroe County Community School Corporation.

Superintendent Dr. Judith DeMuth says the cooperation has worked with numerous committees of community members, teachers, staff members, teachers, staff members, parents. and students throughout the summer to prepare a Re-entry and Recovery Plan. That plan can be seen by clicking here.

  1. Both students and staff will begin later. Teachers will begin on August 5. Students will begin on August 12. Students and staff will end the school year on May 28 before Memorial Day.
  2. Teachers will continue preparation for online instruction beginning August 5. Students will begin online instruction on August 12.
  3. All students will begin with a classroom teacher as if “in-person” school was beginning. Students will be paired with their teachers to ensure a connection is made. All students will be online. All students will be placed back to their homes or transferred to the school.
  4. Teachers will teach from a location that best meets their needs. Classrooms will be open for their use.
  5. The COVID-19 impact on the community will be reevaluated prior to September 11. A change to how instruction will be delivered may be made as a result of this evaluation. Families will be notified one week prior to a change from online. Further details will be forthcoming on how students will return in-person.
  6. A committee of the Monroe County Health Department along with Health and Science professionals, and educators will assist in providing a community metric that will determine when students may return to in-person instruction.
  7. A team of curriculum experts, principals, parents, and teachers will determine the structure for online instruction. They will also determine a plan for when in-person instruction begins.