Fayetteville Lions Club Essay Contest Winners Announced

(FAYETTEVILLE) – The Fayetteville Lions Club essay winners were announced Thursday night during the Fayetteville Lions Club meeting.

There were two winners this year. Isaac and Olivia Dillman won this year’s 5th-grade essay contest. They were awarded a plaque and cash award.

This year’s essay was titled “What serving others means to me”.

Olivia and Issac Dillman won this year’s Fayetteville Lions Club Essay contest.

This is the final year for the contest, following the announcement that Fayetteville School would be closing. The contest has taken place over the last nine years.

Olivia Dillman reads her essay

Here is the first essay:

“What Serving Others Means to Me”

“We Serve” is an excellent motto to have and to use in your daily life. I know when I serve others it makes me feel good and when people help me it brightens my day.

One way I serve people is by donating money to help people feed people in need of food. Every fall before Thanksgiving, my grandpartents take me to the grocery store to buy groceries to donate. We buy items that make up a Thanksgiving dinner, as well as daily items like peanut butter and napkins. I think it is important that everyone has food to eat.

Another way I serve is by helping my grandma. Everyday I go up to her house to visit her and to see if she needs any help. I help her with her dog Lucy. I help her feed Lacy and teach her manners. Another way I help my grandma is by cleaning house with her. Sometimes we help each other and we bake cookies. I think everyone need to help the elderly.

I also serve others by helping younger kids in 4-H. I taught my neighbor how to take care of and show dairy steer. She would come over and help me walk and bathe him. She was able to show him in the Mini-4-H class. I think that it is important to teach younger kids the importance of hard work and how much fun working with animals can be.

These are three ways that I help people. They are many more ways I help people. It really make me feel good when I am able to help others and when others help me. – Olivia Dillman

Here is the second essay:

“What Serving Others Means To Me”

Serving others is a very important part of life. It makes me feel warm inside and shows me kindness that is around me. I like giving to others that don’t have what they need.

One way I serve people is helping my grandparents bake, assemble, and deliver goody bags at Christmastime. Together we bake cookies and candy that we put in a bag with candy canes. We take these bags to people that don’t get out of their house much or those living in nursing home. We also visit the people for a few minutes when we take the bags.

Another way I serve is by helping my dad on the farm. I help him feed the cows, build fences and many other farm related chores. I enjoy being outside and learning more about farming. I like that I can help my dad and make the chores go faster.

I also serve people through community service projects that I complete through the 4-H Dairy Club. I have purchased and donated supplies to the human society. I have helped collect the recycling bins around the fairgrounds and get them ready for pick-up. I enjoyed ringing the bell at Christmastime for the Salvation Army. I have also worked at Tractor Supply with my club. We helped carry items for customers and helped sell the 4-H clovers that donate Money to the 4-H program.

“We Serve” is a motto that everyone should follow. If everyone would help someone else, then no one would be left out. Everyone should start helping people more often. This shows kindness and the world can always use more kindness. – Isaac Dillman

Olivia Dillman (left), Wendy Ramsay (middle), and Isaac Dillman (right)

Fayetteville School principal Mrs. Petty thanked the Fayetteville Lions Club for all the support they gave the school over the years. Petty could not attend the meeting, so fifth-grade teacher Wendy Ramsay delivered the thank you letter.

The memorabilia from Fayetteville Elementary and the former Fayetteville High School will be donated to the Fayetteville Lions Club for preservation.

The Lions Club also runs the Fayetteville Lions Park.

The Barn located on the property is also available for rental. To find out more about the Fayetteville Lions Club you can go to their Facebook page.