Public Comment Encouraged On Changes To Weed and Noise Ordinances

(BEDFORD) – The changes to the weed ordinance will allow the City of Bedford to use private contractors to go out and mow the lawns of violators.

The amendment will also allow the city to make changes to the penalties associated with the violators of the policy.

The number of complaints on weeds and high grass has increased this year, mostly due to the city’s own proactive enforcement in locating blighted neighborhoods.

This year the number of complaints of high grass or weeds includes:

  • May – 22
  • June – 34
  • July – 10

The number of liens placed on properties:

  • May – 0
  • June – 4
  • July – 10

A person is given notice, allowing them 10 days to correct the issue. The city will then re-visit the location, and if the issue is not taken care of city crews will then go ahead and take care of the issue.

After the city takes care of the issue the property owner is billed for the services. The new ordinance will charge a flat rate of $75 a lawn, and any additional equipment the city might have to use to take care of the problem.

If a person does not pay the fine the City will place a lien on the property.

Mayor Sam Craig wants city workers to be free to take care of other city matters instead of mowing lawns.

This ordinance had a 2nd passage on Monday evening with the final passage expected during the next city council meeting.

The noise ordinance proposed by Bedford Mayor Sam Craig was tabled by the city council members until the ordinance can get looked over by city council members.

Feedback by the public is encouraged. A public hearing will be held at a later time.

The noise ordinance will address issues such as building construction, music, and other issues residents may be dealing with in their neighborhood.