Bedford Man Arrested After Pointing Loaded Gun At Neighbor

(BEDFORD) – A Bedford man was arrested after he allegedly pointed a firearm at another person.

Edward Pruett

Indiana State Police arrested 72-year-old Edward Pruett on charges of intimidation and pointing a firearm.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Thursday, March 12, an ISP trooper responded to a home in 2590 block of South Leatherwood Road after a report that Pruett had fired three shots into the ground and then pointed a firearm at his neighbor.

According to the victim, he was in his home when he heard shots coming from outside. He stuck his head out of a window and saw Pruett and yelled at him.

The victim saw Pruett step out from behind a shed holding a black revolver. Pruett then fired three more shots into the ground and then raised and pointed the gun at the victim.

The victim told Pruett he was making a big mistake and to not be pointing a gun at him. According to the victim, Pruett stood there and continued to point the gun at him for approximately thirty to forty seconds. The victim then closed the window to end the incident. 

According to the victim, this has been an ongoing issue with Pruett shooting toward the victim’s house. This incident stems from Pruett not liking the victim’s barking dogs. 

Pruett is also accused of leaving the victim numerous voice messages saying if they didn’t take care of the barking dogs he would.