Bedford Housing Authority Seeking Health Insurance Provider

(BEDFORD) – After being on the City of Bedford’s Health Insurance Plan for over the past twenty years, the Bedford Housing Authority is now seeking a health insurance provider.

During the Board of Works meeting, Monday afternoon a vote to discontinue health care coverage for the Bedford Housing Authority employees was approved.

The decision made Monday, was unexpected to the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and Director Bobbi Ames. The Bedford Housing Authority is a non-profit organization and is not controlled by the City of Bedford. However, the Mayor of Bedford makes appointments to the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

The employees are also, not considered federal employees, even though the Housing Urban Development owns the properties at Hauck House and Hamilton Courts.

Housing Urban Development will also be providing guidance due to the unexpected change.

This decision will affect eight current employees of the Bedford Housing Authority.

The search for a health care provider has already begun, as coverage for these employees will end in June.

At this time it is not known how much it will cost the Bedford Housing Authority to provide the coverage.

In other business:

  • The bids are now closed on a project at Hamilton Courts for a remodel of the building. The opening of the bids has not yet been completed. Around seven contractors are interested in the project.
  • A three-year contract to Jim Day Furniture was awarded. This is a purchase agreement for appliances such as stoves and other appliances for the Bedford Housing Authority.
  • Through the recommendation of Housing Urban Development, procurements over $250,000 must be sealed bids. The earlier agreement was any contract over $100,000 must be sealed bids.
  • A three-contract with Young Environmental Solutions from Columbus, Indiana was approved. This contract will be for pest control services.
  • Duke Energy will be replacing LED lighting throughout the Hauck House the cost of this project will be $4,500.