Mitchell Home Destroyed By Fire, Two Other Homes Suffer Damage

(MITCHELL) – A Mitchell home at 623 Oak Street was destroyed by fire around 7:30 a.m. today.

Two other homes also substanined heat damage.

Firefighters from four departments helped extinguish the blaze.

Firefighters from Mitchell, Marion Twp., Huron, and Orleans Fire Department battled a blaze at 623 Oak Street in Mitchell Tuesday morning.

“No one was injured in this morning’s blaze; we have not had time to find out what caused the fire,” said Fred Cassidy, Assistant Fire Chief Mitchell Fire Department.

Firefighters had to use fire hydrants two blocks away. The fire hydrant at the corner of 7th and Oak was damaged from a previous car accident.

Nina Parsley, her son Lonzo Smith, grandson Lonzo Smith II and Kris Smith were living in the home.

According to Lonzo Smith, a neighbor woke them up saying the house was on fire.

“I thought I was smelling smoke, then the neighbor came over and woke us up to the blaze,” Smith said.

There were no smoke detectors in the home.

“I think the blaze started between the home and garage,” Smith added. “There was cooper wire removed from the home prior to us moving in. We also had to do a lot of work,” Smith continued.

Mitchell Firefighters use a master stream on a house fire at 7th and Oak Streets in Mitchell.

The home was being purchased on contract, and there was no insurance on the building. The family purchased the house about a month and a half ago.

“It seemed like forever before the fire department got here,” stated Smith.

Siding at 618 Oak Street was also damaged by heat from the early morning blaze.

The fire department found the home engulfed in flames when they arrived. Smoke from the blaze could be seen several miles away. Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were the first on the scene.

Bystanders stated that the Smiths were trying to get some of the belongings out of the home during the blaze.

Photo by Darren Norrington

At least three motorcycles and an RV were also destroyed in the blaze, according to the Smiths.

“I do not know where we are going to live. We are going to need a place to stay temporarily until we sort everything out,” Nina Parsley said.

The American Red Cross was contacted to assist the family.

Mitchell Firefighters were assisted by the Marion Township Fire Department, Huron Fire Department, Orleans Fire Department, Mitchell Police Department, Indiana State Police, AMR Ambulance Service, IU Health Ambulance Service, and Duke Energy.

The family is in need of clothing.

  • Nina Parsley – Medium shirts, size 7-8 pants
  • Lonzo Smith – Size 32-30 or 34-30 pants, large shirts, size 10.5 shoes
  • Lonzo Smith II – Size 36-32 pants, large or extra-large Shirt, size 10 shoes
  • Kris Smith – Size 32-34 pants, large shirt,

Call Lonzo Smith for a place to drop off donated clothing at 812-675-2581.