Mitchell Man Arrested After Accident

(MITCHELL) – Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested 73-year-old Ronald Pridemore while police were investigating a property damage accident Saturday.

Ronald Pridemore

At 6:10 p.m. deputies were approached by Pridemore who was loudly demanding that the vehicle involved in the accident not be allowed to leave the scene.

“He was informed that the vehicle would remain at the scene until the accident investigation was complete,” said Chief Deputy Aaron Shoults. “Shortly thereafter, a vehicle passed by the residence, and Pridemore became irate and started screaming at the officer to arrest the driver whom he had a protective order against.”

“Pridemore believed the driver of this vehicle had stopped to assist at the accident scene and entered onto his property,” Shoults added.

Pridemore was told that the person did not enter his property and was not there to assist.

“Pridemore began screaming at this person and approached him aggressively,” Chief Deputy Shoults added. “The officer stepped in to avoid Pridemore starting a physical confrontation. Pridemore hit the officer on the shoulder with the palm of his hand, trying to push the officer out of his way. At that point, Pridemore was arrested and pulled away from the officer multiple times before being cuffed and placed in custody.”

Throughout the investigation, arrest, and booking process Pridemore refused to identify himself.

Pridemore was arrested on charges of battery against a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, tampering or obstruction of justice, and refusal to identify himself.