Three Promoted To Training Supervisor And Management Team at IDOC

(NEW CASTLE) – Staff Development and Training has promoted three individuals recently to be a part of the supervisor and Management Team.

Micky Rush was promoted to the Recruitment and Retention Supervisor position. Ann Hubbard was promoted to the North Regional Training Manager position and Colin Wonder was promoted to the Regional Training Specialist for the west and central training regions.

Mikey Rush

Micky Rush has been with the Indiana Department of Correction for 18 years. He spent the first 17 years working through the custody ranks at Miami Correctional Facility, leaving custody as a Lieutenant. Micky joined the Staff Development and Training team in August 2019 as the Recruitment & Retention Coordinator covering Miami Correctional Facility, Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility, and Parole District #2. Throughout his career he has spent time as a member of ERO on the SITCON team, and has also been an adjunct instructor for several training courses for 13 years. Micky plans to continue to better himself with the intention of helping the Department of Correction out the best way he can. 

Anna Hubbard

Ann Hubbard began her career with the Indiana Department of Correction in 1999 as the Community Involvement Coordinator at the Miami Correctional Facility. After 17 years, she made the transition to Staff Development and Training’s Curriculum Development Team. She started there as a Curriculum Development Specialist and in December 2019 she was promoted to the Curriculum Development Supervisor, before her most recent promotion.

Ann has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Ball State University and is nearing the end of her studies for her Master of Science in Leadership from Trine University. She will graduate at the end of July. She is also a graduate of the 2015 Leadership Academy and the 2016 Experienced and Emerging Leadership program. And she has been a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM) since 2001.  Ann is excited to begin this new step in her career working with both the team within Staff Development & Training and the individual Training Departments in the Northern Region and throughout the state. “This Division is one of the best in the nation and I’m very happy to be a part of it and in making it even better,” she said.

Colin Wonder

Colin Wonder began his career with the Indiana Department of Correction in 2016 as a Correctional Officer at Edinburgh Correctional Facility. Colin was promoted to Sergeant and again to Training Coordinator in 2017.  Prior to his arrival to the department, Colin worked for Corrections Corporation of America at Marion County Jail. He started in 2007 as a Correctional Officer, and held the titles of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. During this time, he also served as Assistant Commander and Commander of the facilities emergency team for over 7 years.

Colin is a graduate of the 2019 Experienced and Emerging Leaders program (EEL).  He is excited and honored to work with the Staff Development and Training Team to help provide the proper training and support to the Department while carrying out the mission of the Indiana Department of Correction.