Worthington Man Arrested On Domestic Battery Charges

(WORTHINGTON) – A Worthington man is facing charges in two domestic incidents.

Joshua Carmichael

Police arrested 29-year-old Joshua Carmichael not once but twice on domestic battery charges.

His first charges stem from an incident on March 12th when officers were called to a home on Haxton Street in Worthington. Officials received reports that Carmichael had been screaming and threatening everyone in the house. He left the home before police arrived.

Individuals in the home reported Carmichael was intoxicated after consuming a large amount of whiskey. He then got into an argument with one of the occupants and it turned physical. Witnesses say Carmichael broke several items in the home including dishes and lampshades and, while holding a knife, threatened to kill one of the occupants. He then pushed another. He then took the knife and stabbed a freezer which bent the knife.

Officers recovered the bent knife. Family members refused to file charges.

In April, officers were called back to the home on another report of Carmichael injuring a family member. This time he was taken to jail.

When police arrived they found a female bleeding with marks on her arms, damage to the drywall, and blood on the front door. Another family member was suffered a large contusion on the top of their head after being pushed into a doorknob.

Police learned Carmichael had been drinking and became argumentative then abusive.

Carmichael was arrested on charges of domestic battery and domestic battery in the presence of a child under the age of 16. The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office also filed a charge of domestic battery in the March incident. Three protective orders were issued stating Carmichael is to have no contact with three individuals.