Chicago Businessman Purchases Indiana Beach

(MONTICELLO) – A Chicago businessman, Gene Staples, has purchased Indiana Beach.

Staples became interested in buying Indiana Beach the day it went on the market in the middle of February. He purchased the park at the beginning of April. He wanted to make sure the deal was finalized before announcing he had purchased the park. Staples spent many weekends during his childhood at the park.

The terms of the purchase cannot be disclosed. The park was valued at around $3 million.

Staples says he will keep the park’s nostalgic feel. The park has been open for 94 years.

Staples says plans are moving forward in hopes to open the park this season.

“With that said, we are as anxious as anyone else to see what happens in the coming weeks with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Staples. “Within the next few weeks, I hope to at least start making some infrastructure improvements which is a top priority.”

His second priority is keeping up the legacy of Indiana Beach.

He hopes to get the campground open as soon as possible. All season passes and reservations will be honored.