Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton’s Mother-In-Law Dies From COVID-19

(BLOOMINGTON) – Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton’s mother-in-law Carolyn Johnsen died from COVID-19 Thursday night, according to a Facebook post from his wife, Dawn Johnsen.

Carolyn Johnsen

Johnsen says her mother was 70-years-old and the family was able to say goodbye by phone.

“Mom was a strong, capable woman with a one-in-a-million personality,” Dawn Johnsen said in the post. “She loved people and they loved her.”

Carolyn Johnsen campaigned for her favorite and only son-in-law John Hamilton at Bell Trace Senior Living Community, where she lived.

Dawn Johnsen is a Law Professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Dawn Johnsen, who also tested positive for COVID-19 on April 9th, is still recovering in the hospital.

“I am deeply grateful for the many expressions of support and love on Facebook and elsewhere during what has been a terrible week. (I haven’t had energy for individual replies.). I also am deeply grateful to caregivers at Bloomington Hospital for providing me outstanding care (though of course what can be done to treat this terrible virus is very limited),” Johnson wrote in a Facebook post. “As for me, I finally am feeling better and (hopefully) out of grave danger (fingers crossed). In the last two days I have made great progress in my ability to breathe and my pneumonia is starting to improve (though that will take some time). What a tremendous relief to be able to breathe! I continue to have some other COVID-related issues keeping me in the hospital, but I hope not for long! I am optimistic I soon will be able to return home to John and Eric to finish my recovery (hopefully a day or two, I’ll post when happens). Some obvious but deeply personal advice: This is a terrible virus for at least many of us and I urge all to take every precaution to avoid infection. Good luck and love to all!”

Her brother, who lives in Kokomo, also has the virus.

“He is much improved but still on oxygen and impaired breathing and recovery will continue at home,” she added.